Monday, December 1, 2008

WTF is up with Beer Guys turning in to Wine Snobs?

Posted by Sean

Ok, let’s just start by saying that I like good beer. I mean I really enjoy a well crafted beer. And let’s also say that I have a particular disdain for shit-beer. No don’t get me wrong….I have drunk my fair share of the Natty Light and Milwaukee’s Beast. But mostly those were back in my “younger” days. Back when my biggest concern was getting a buzz and trying to get laid. 

Now I am married and don’t need the buzz and rarely get laid so I need something a bit more than just some MeisterChow-ish type beer. I need to know that someone understands that beer is good. But at the same time I need those guys who are making this stuff to back the f**k off the wine culture a bit. I mean come on. IT’S BEER! Just let it be beer. I could give 2 shits what some jerkweed thinks of the “mouthfeel” of a particular brand. I also don’t need to know that this particular brew has the faintest essence of ANYTHING! Let me be the judge. Tell me that you liked it, compare it to something (or don’t) and then shut up. The great thing about beer is that it is flexible. You can drink it while working on a car, at a football game, or at a high class restaurant. What you can’t do is make it like wine. 

People, for the most part, are afraid of wine. They don’t know what it means, where it comes from, or how to drink it. There are too many rules. You need the right glass, the right temp, the right tie, the right car, etc. With beer, sure a good glass would be ideal but at the end of the day you can drink it out of the bottle if need be. Try doing that with a Cabernet! 

So please, just sit back and enjoy the beer. And if you like it tell someone to try it. Tell them that you liked it and that it was great beer. And for god sakes don’t ever mention the beer’s “nose”. Just shut up and thank God that he loved us enough to give it to us. 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Beer Culture's Biggest Test....

Posted by Sean

So for those that may not have heard (and for even those of you that have) Budweiser has a new beer out called American Ale. This is designed to bring those craft brew drinking hippies back in to the fold.  Did it succeed?

Well sort of. Depending on where you live and the tax associated with alcohol, some of the better sixers of craft beer can run you about $8-$10. Last night I bought a 6-pack for $6.49. Score one for Anheuser-Busch crowd because can anyone really compete with their production model? 

Taste was was wet. I was totally disappointed. I was mostly disappointed because I was really hoping that this would be the gateway beer for people who think that beer is too complicated now and has become the new wine (that is another blog post entirely). What was missing was the soul of the beer. I mean techincally everything was there. There was a hop-ey-ness was there and it had the good amber color that you are looking for. But it was just missing something. I could go on and on about the different taste components. But I think that you get the point.  

What really has happened here is that Bud tried to join a beer culture that was specifically designed to get away from them.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Of Bowl Games and Viagra

Posted by Todd S.

Anyone that actually watched more than the first 5 minutes of the BCS bowl last night...this is for you.

I have determined that the Buckeyes should have their own bowl game...the E.D. Bowl.
Because then when they shoot their load early and go to sleep, it'll be totally expected.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

We like Beer

Posted by Todd S.

As the name implies, this will be a blog dedicated to the manly (and oft times geeky) pursuit of Bits (as in whatever bits cross our minds that we feel compelled to spew forth on the interweb), Bytes (did I mention we could be considered on the geeky side of cool??), and Beer (I think this one speaks for itself).

I know that's not much more than you could have deduced from the title of the blog, but I really felt that if the cherry wasn't popped on this blog, we'd never write anything on here.

Peace outside!